Monday, January 16, 2012

"Surface - 02"

Because it has been a real challenge making collages with new and unique concepts at such a rapid rate (although I'm sure a few collages a month doesn't seem quite rapid?), I have also been doing several variations of past collages to contribute to the "Simulations" series. See "Surface - 02"below:

The collage featured above is the second photo which I have utilized moss to create a textured "surface" around the subject. It's fascinating to see how the moss appears more like fur or even mud on my skin, where the contrasting colors on the original definitely make the moss an easier first read.

As you can tell by the snapshot above, the collage (seen here compared to my coffee cup) is actually a lot smaller than the past couple of a collages I have completed....(it is roughly 5 x 7"). It's a lot more difficult adhering the tiny pieces to the collage at this size but I actually prefer the smaller size photos to the standard sizes I usually do (typically 8 x 10"). It becomes more of an intimate experience when the viewer has to really get close to the image in order to appreciate the details in the layering and textures.

And here is an snapshot of the end result...Yep, that's a lot of left over scraps. Quite a paper massacre, right?

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