Monday, November 19, 2012

"The Illusionist"

Below is my newest collage that I have completed for my Metamorphosis series, titled The Illusionist. The Illusionist is my third finished piece of the series, and my second image executed in black and white.
(Click below to view larger scale)

The Illusionist
16in. x 20in. photo collage
Subjects : Common Tiger Butterflies
Model : Self

This is my first collage of the series where I specifically chose to use multiple insects in one image. There are a total of 4 Common Tiger Butterflies used to make up the entire "suit" around the female. I wanted this collage to appear more graphic and less literal than the previous two pieces. As you can tell from the dimensions above, this is currently my biggest piece to date (thanks to my gorgeous new Epson, I can print up to 17in x 22in!). I even attached a photo below to give a better idea of the scale of the image.

Images © Alexandra Bellissimo 2012.