Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Rooted 02" + 22 Magazine!

My question I have this week, as I always have at the end of every month, is where does the time go...?? Seriously, I never understood as a child why adults were always mourning about time passing by too quickly....until I graduated college. Now I feel as though it's going by too fast. Way, way too fast...But all lamenting aside, I finished another collage I'm pretty proud of!

The collage above titled "Rooted 02" is a continuation from a previous collage, "Rooted" (seen on my site). It is currently the biggest one I have completed at 17.6 in x 11.5 in. The figure in photo was shot on a white seamless to get a "clean" appearance, although I chose to work with a light amount of contrast in order to get a softer result. I can't wait to get this baby framed...(although I shudder to think about the cost).

I've been dying to get a feature on The 22 Magazine blog for a while now, so I was beyond thrilled when I got the email this week saying they would display my work on their blog. Just seeing the severely talented artists on their blog, (not to mention their online magazine!), is mind-blowing. Whether it's art, photography, poetry, video, etc., all the work featured on 22 Magazine is definitely worth checking out... {CLICK} for My Feature. {CLICK} for 22 Magazine.

I hope everyone has had a memorable March. Here's to even better days ahead in April!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Hollow" + New Features!

For those who didn't already know, I recently updated my site with 12 new collages added to the "Simulations" series. You can see the entire series thus far at Here is a look at my first collage I completed in March titled, "Hollow" (seen below).

"Hollow" was constructed somewhat larger then I usually make my collages, at 14" x 11.6". The image of the cave was taken recently at Vasquez Rocks. The image above doesn't quite show the 3 dimensional structure of the the collage so I took these snapshots below to show how the opening to the cave has more depth than it appears (I apologize for the low res photos, they were taken from my iPhone).

It's always an incredible feeling to be able to see my work featured on so many great art blogs along with a plethora of amazing artists and designers. I was recently featured on again (see below) where I was interviewed by Alice Yoo on the progression on the Simulations series. Click HERE for My Modern Met interview.

I was thrilled to see my work featured on a blog based in Madrid called, "Area Visual" which focuses on art, design, ilustration, photography, advertising, urban culture, new trends of web and any creative form of aesthetic expression. Click HERE for Area Visual link.

I was also featured on "Cultureneering" which is this awesome in-your-face type of blog (visiting the blog is entertaining in itself because you can change the background image every time you refresh the page). Click HERE for Cultureneering link.

Lastly, I came across "The English Group", a blog based in the UK that acts as a visual scrapbook showcasing all kinds of graphic design, art, books, magazines, film and music, photography, portraits, fashion...etc. Click HERE for The English Group link.