Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year. Fresh Start.

Happy 2011 everyone! As you can tell, my website is finally up and running (thanks to Mikey!), and I am ecstatic that my portfolio is now accessible on the web!

So firstly, thank you for visiting my recently renewed blog, "Bellissimo Photography". I realize it's been about two years since I have last posted a blog entry, so allow me to play catch-up...

I am currently finishing up my last year at Art Center College of Design where I will be earning my BFA in Photography when I graduate this August. This Spring I'm excited to be enrolled in a studio class titled, Page Wall and Screen Seen. Students enrolled in this class, (including myself), will work together on a group exhibition that will feature all of our work in a gallery at the end of the term. I feel this class will be a great opportunity to continue my new series of photo collages, (including the self portrait above.) I have tons of new sketches and ideas for collage images that I'll post here soon! For those of you who may already be familiar with my work, you may have noticed that I did not include any of my still lifes in my portfolio. I have decided to keep those images separate from my portfolio until I can have a more cohesive and substantial amount to include with the others. For now, I'll continue with the collaging series as I try to develop another conceptual series.

Be sure to check on this blog from time to time and I will make sure to update it with sketches, photo shoots, and other news!