Monday, April 9, 2012

"Breach" + Female Persuasion Feature!

Hope everyone's April is off to a good start! Here is my newest collage, "Breach":

I'm always looking for more ways to incorporate male figures into the "Simulations" series, so I was eager to work on this concept I've had in my sketchbook for quite some time now. Much like my collage "Infringement", I spent several, (and I mean several) hours cutting out tiny branches from an old photo I shot of a dead tree. I was going for an eerie and ominous vibe...I believe it works especially well with the use of black and white images. The measurements of this collage are 15 in x 12 in.

Last week my collage "Hollow" was featured on It's a virtual gallery focusing on "political and provocative female artists" so I am thrilled that they considered my work as such. It's a really fantastic site that features some pretty incredible work, so if you get a chance please visit {}!