Friday, January 13, 2012

First 2012 Post - New Collage!

Happy new year everyone! I wanted to post up my newest collage titled "Euphoria", which is my 7th collage that I have completed since November. When I eventually complete 10 collages total, (which I plan on doing so by next week) I will post them all onto my website, and add them to the "Simulations" collage series. I'm looking forward to sprucing up my site for the new year!

I used my sister Madison as the model for "Euphoria". I reverted back to my old "tiling" technique for this collage because I wanted to create a juxtaposition between rigid cuts and layers with the soft subject matter in the photographs. If you can't tell by the scan above, the floating tile images are of dandelions. Lots and lots of dandelions.

I will keep everyone posted as to when the site gets updated!

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