Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Envelop" + Step-By-Step

Hey Everyone! Today I have included my newest completed flower/plant piece as well as a step-by-step image to demonstrate how this particular collage was assembled. The featured piece below is titled "Envelop". 

(Click below to view larger scale)

16in. x 16in. photo collage
Series : Efflorescence

**NOTE: The title of the flower/plant series has changed. and has been corrected in previous posts. 

My collage "Envelop" is made up of approximately 35 photo cut-outs of leaves in various sizes and exposures. They were then coated with a spray adhesive and individually layered on top of one another. I kept the smaller and darker leaves under the larger and brighter ones to create more visual depth within the piece. See the image below for 5 detailed shots of the piece's construction.


Lizzie Lawrence said...

Hi! I'm a photography A level student :) I'm using you as one of my artist's for portraiture and was wondering if you could email me (at lizzielawrence1998@gmail.com) basic info (such as age, where your from etc) If you could that would be amazing as i find your work beautiful and inspire to be as good as you, thank you for your time

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a photography A level student! I am studying your work for my coursework, and it would be amazing to hear from you ! Could you please contact me with the email 0flowe@hslc.co.uk with some information on the meaning behind your shots and how they are constructed? I love the collaging methods you use and would love to experiment with the same techniques! Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon!