Saturday, January 5, 2013

"The Brute" + GALLERAY

Happy 2013! I hope everyone is embracing the new year with open arms...I know I am! And what better way for me to kick off the new year then with a new collage for my Metamorphosis series. See the fourth completed piece below:

(Click below to view larger scale)

The Brute
16in. x 20in. photo collage
Subject : Rhinoceros Beetle
Model : Tristan

Working with the Rhino Beetle had its challenges, but overall I'm pleased with the final result.  Much like the scorpion I used for "The Antagonist", the shiny black surface of the insect was somewhat tricky to photograph. I believe the contrasting textures of the two subjects helps produce a more intriguing image. In addition, the durability of this bug made it significantly easier to move and handle...which was most appreciated by me.

I believe working with larger scale images is particularly important for this series. You can appreciate all the fine details of the insects like all the itty bitty hairs, scratches and imperfections when they are printed significantly larger than they appear in person. If you can't tell from the image above, I used the "tiling effect" again for this particular collage. I'm thinking the next piece will definitely (maybe..) be executed in color...considering my last 3 were in B&W.

In other news, I was ecstatic to be selected as a featured artist on the online gallery site, Galleray. This site has a plethora of amazing fine artists and photographers to browse through, (although I believe you have to sign up an account in order to view the artist's work). As of now, I only have images from my Simulations series featured on Galleray. Here is a screenshot of my artist's page below:

Images © Alexandra Bellissimo 2013.

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