Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Series - "Metamorphosis"!

I am beyond thrilled to share the very first collage I have completed for my new series titled, Metamorphosis. The image below is titled, The Observer
(Click the image below to view larger scale)

The Observer
12in. x 16in. photo collage
Subject : Owl Butterfly
Model : Self 

For the next several months I will be experimenting with merging the human form with a variety of unique looking insects ranging from butterflies, to beetles, to scorpions. All insects used in the Metamorphosis series are taxidermy insects that I have photographed myself. No outside stock images were used or manipulated. The detail shot below may give the viewer a better visual for the use of the "tiling effect" utilized in the collage. 

Images © Alexandra Bellissimo 2012.

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